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International Brand Communication M.A.

an der Brand Academy Hamburg / Standort: Hamburg


Master of Arts
Medienwirtschaft, Medienmanagement, Kommunikationsdesign, Digitale Medien
Advertising, Digital Media, International Brand Communication, International Brand Creation, International Brand Design, Internationales Markendesign, Strategic Planning
International Brand Communication M.A.

Who is the International Brand Communication (IBC) designed for?

As a recent graduate, you are ready to begin your career on the global stage and in the advertising
industry where brands touch the heart of consumers. You are ambitious and looking for developing your skills allowing you to excel in the advertising world as a specialist for strategic planning, account management or cross-media creation. You have a strong interest in creative brand communication campaigns like Apple, Coca Cola, Mont Blanc, Nike and Nivea and are curious to explore new cultures.

Take the first step of your global career with us.

What are our prerequisites?

You have
• a strong interest in international advertising
communication, brand design, strategic planning
and in latest brand communication trends
(digital media, smart communication solutions, etc.)
• the desire to forge a truly successful global career
in the advertising industry
• an undergraduate university degree or above
of any study discipline
• knowledge of English is mandatory

How to kick start your career?

Build the foundations for a successful global career and develop an international mind-set with the new Master Degree in International Brand Communication. This 2-year program provides unparalleled exposure to the Western and Eastern way of planning and creating brand communication campaigns in advertising agencies. Power your learning in a unique combination of core and elective courses with three different areas of specialization, taught in English. Collaborating with well-known agencies and companies, you create effective communication campaigns suitable for selected countries.

How to specialise for your career?

You can choose between three specialisations in this program, that correspond to the business units in advertising agencies: Strategic Planning, Account Management and Cross-media Creation. The study program optimally prepares you for a career within the creative industries. Either you work as a strategic planner or a consultant who fully understands the creation department and guide them within the creation process. Or you decide to work within the creation department itself where you create and implement cross media advertising campaigns within the given strategic frame.

Why Brand Academy?

The Brand Academy is worldwide the 1st university focusing on brands. Our main goal is to educate the best future brand communication experts.We have a growing network with Asian universities as well as an experienced team of international lecturers. We collaborate with globally active international business partners and practice an open,
agile and diverse culture.

Fees and Funding

By continuing your academic education you are investing in your future, as today more and more companies regard a master’s degree as a fundamentally necessary condition for long-term career prospects of their employees. As a private university, the Brand Academy prides itself in offering their students an academic environment and personalised individual attention, both within and outside the teaching context, which is very different to conditions a state university could provide you with. The budget generated by our students’ tuition fees is used exclusively in order to maintain and further enhance this high level of quality. A number of public institutions and financial services in Germany offer a variety of possibilities for funding your studies. You can find a comprehensive list of various funding options by visiting the following website: 
Tuition fees for German and EU students are 890 Euro per month over a period of 24 months. You can optionally pay in monthly installments, or in advance, either per semester or a full annual fee. Additionally, you are liable to pay a one-off registration fee of 1,690 Euro. Tuition fees for non-EU students are 1,140 Euro per month over a period of 24 months. You can opt to pay in monthly instalments, or in advance, either per semester or a full annual fee. Additionally, you are liable to pay a one-off registration fee of 2,700 Euro. In certain cases students from non-EU countries with a long-term residence permit for an EU-country might qualify for the lower EU tuition fees. Students from Beijing Normal University will be granted a discount of 10% (semester fee).
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SuSe 2017: Begin 1st of April.
Application till 15 February.

SoSe 2017: Begin 1 APR.
Application till 15 FEB.
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SuSe 2017: Begin 1st of April.
Application till 31 December.

SoSe 2017: Begin 1st of APR.
Application till 31st DEC.
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Auswahlgespräche und Eignungsprüfungen können telefonisch oder per Email vereinbart werden.
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